Various Jam Jars

White Peach and Rose Petal Jam

White Peach Jam

After toing and froing at what to marry with the delicious white peaches, bought at the market, we decided on the rose petals.


The colour of the peaches and the last of the roses from my garden were just made for each other. This is not to say that in the near future, I will not be making some with the jasmine tea, or with honey and lavender, and will certainly try to combine it with a handful of prunes and a dash of eau de vie of some kind! Watch this space.

World's Original Marmalade Awards

We are delighted to announce that Love Jam Kitchen has won two awards at The World's Original Marmalade Awards.

We received not one but two of the marmalade world's most prestigious accolades: The Gold Award for our Pink Grapefruit Marmalade and the Bronze for the Seville Orange Marmalade.


Mira Said: "I am thrilled to win this prestigious award so soon after launching Love Jam Kitchen eight months ago. This is my first competition, and to win two awards is just amazing! It has given me enormous sense of achievement and pride in taking such a British custom - making marmalade to international success."


Over 1,700 jars of marmalade were sent to the organisers from as far afield as Singapore and South Africa, by both artisan producers and amateur makers to be judged by prestigious panel of marmalade experts.

Christmas Gift Shop

Choose any number or combination of jams, preserves or chutneys that take your fancy, or let us suggest some nice pairings: Read More...

For the winter breakfast what better than some citrus spreads? We have delicious Seville Orange Marmalade made to a traditional recipe, and a zesty Pink Grapefruit Marmalade. For truly something different, try our Morning Burst Marmalade, made with orange, apple and a bit of carrot spiced with cinnamon and allspice. And finally, the quartet is complete with unique sweet and fragrant Blood Orange Marmalade with Raspberry.

For cheese lovers choose from any of the following: Mostarda Veronese; Rhubarb, Apple and Pilsner Jam; Carrot, Coriander and Chilli Jam; Fig, Cranberry and Port Chutney or any of the three wonderful Godessa chutneys on our list. Or try new delicate Wine Jelly infused with Rosemary, robust Fig and Walnuts Preserve or heavenly Pear with Pinot Noir.

 If you are thinking of enhancing cold meats, try our exclusive Pinot Noir Jelly with Rosemary; Spiced Pineapple Pickle; Saffron Pear Jam with Thyme; delicate Watermelon and Armagnac Conserve or our fiery Jalapeno Gold Chilli Jam. Or for that special luxury - we added two preserves: Orange & Cranberry or a rich Fig and Walnut Preserve.

 For all who like nothing better than a slice of lovely hot buttered toast, what better than some of our plum jams? They are all made from the wild plums growing around here and are cooked with care to preserve the flavours and aroma of the freshly picked fruit.

For sweet, sticky, gloopy moments try our irresistible Jams: Raspberry and Chocolate; Spiced Blueberry; Balsamic Strawberry and Claret or Rhubarb Apple and Pilsner Jam. Recently we've added a delicate Elderflower Jam, and a naughty Strawberry and Chardonnay Preserve.

And finally, for something really special: have a look at our moreish, heavenly, unable-to-stop-eating-it-strait-from-the-jar Salted Caramel. Made with sugar, double cream and Anglesey Sea salt.

Our online shop will be open soon, in the meantime to order email us at and we will arrange everything.



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