New Christmas Flavours

Everyone keeps asking: do you have anything boozy for Christmas, and so we added four new preserves. There is something for everyone here.

Rosemary infused Pinot Noir Jelly - for cheese, for sandwiches, for cold meats and especially for lamb. Or try it as a glaze.

Orange Cranberry Pinot Noir Preserve - with a touch of clove and orange zest. After this, cranberry sauce alone will never be good enough for the Christmas table.

Kentish Comice Pears with Pinot Noir - pear pieces suspended in cinnamon flavoured pear-wine syrup. A sweet, delicious and luxurious condiment to use with both sweet and savoury foods.

Fig with Walnuts and Sauvignon Blanc - flavoured with Christmas spices and orange zest, this is a new take on an old favourite.