Foraging in August

Various Foraged Fruits

Some secluded wild spaces around here in the East End of London provide many opportunities to pick lovely wild berries and fruit. Last year it was the Rosehip Syrup from a wild rose bush growing around the corner from Love Jam house, but this year we were determined to make more use of the foraged fruit.

Neighbour, Graeme knew a huge wild apple tree - laden with crabby green apples and Pat picked some sloes in Wimbledon. These were to be the basis of a new jelly. With the addition of some rosehips and a few haws, there it was – beautifully coloured, nicely set, exquisite tasting jelly which we named Hedgerow Jelly.

We only managed to produce four batches; two of them made with some Scotch whisky for a little extra kick. They are going to be lovely with roast meats this Christmas!