Adding something new, adding something fun...

Love Jam Kitchen preserves hand-made jam

How about Gooseberry Fool Jam? Yes, with cream and a dash of mint to play with the palete? Or Apricot and Almond Jam for a bit of luxury on your Saturday morning slice of toast? Here at Love Jam Kitchen we have been busy putting together great flavours. Our brand new London Condiment for Cheese and Ham is made with the teasing flavours of oranges, pears, fennel, cranberries, ginger and a handful of walnuts. And if you like something smooth and velvety with your savouries, how about Pinot Noir Jelly infused with Rosemary? This is a wonderful condiment with many uses - add a generous dollop to any salad or cold meals, use it as a glaze, in sandwiches, or just top the puddings for a little extra indulgence.

To our award winning range of marmalades we have added the brand new Grapefruit and Lemon Marmalade for which we won Silver award at the World Marmalade Festival earlier this year.

And let's not forget everyone's favourite fruit, the fragrant raspberry. We have added a hint of vanilla and the result is a perfectly balanced marriage of Raspberry and Vanilla scents in this delightful jam.